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OKUMA 15000212, 15000216, & 15000219 "ERGO GRIP®" POWER HANDLE ASSEMBLY

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*This Handle Assembly now replaces 15000214, 15000216, 15000219, 1150002304005, 1150002304006, & 1150002304006C.

Even though this Handle Assembly was intended for use exclusively on the Catalina, Clarion, Contoura, Convector 55, 553, or 603 series reels, this handle will make an awesome upgrade with its two position mounting location &  it's larger "Ergo Grip®" handle knob for virtually any Okuma Star Drag Trolling Reel... See for yourself & check out the list of reels it fits below!

The "Ergo Grip®" handle knob is an extremely comfortable oversized handle-knob design for both speed and power. This soft-touch knob has been ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand and will be found on certain Okuma lever drag reels, star drag reels and some spinning reel models.

This handle will make an awesome upgrade with it's two position mounting location that uses no special tools for virtually any Okuma Star Drag Trolling Reel without the aid of any special tools or hardware. This Power Handle measures 3 1/2" (@3.500" or 89mm) from the center of the mounting hole for the longest throw to the center of the "Ergo Grip®" handle axle that will fit any Okuma reel that has a Drive Gear Shaft dimension of @ .243" x .195" (@ 1 1/4" x 3/16" or @ 6mm x 4.85mm) where the handle actually resides once in place. The actual dimension of the mounting hole is .250" x .205" or 6.85mm x 4.90mm


CATALINA CT-15C, 15D, 15L, 20C, 20D, 20L, 205Da, 25C, 25CS, 30C, 30CS, 30D, 30L, 305Da, 45C, 45D, 45L, 455Da, 55C, 55N, & 55W

CEDROS CSD-10, 10S, 12S, & 15S

CLARION CLR-203L, 204D, 303L, 304D, 453L, 453LS, 454D, 553L & 553LS

CLASSIC PRO CL-200C, 200L, 202, 202C, 202L, 300, 300C, 300L, 300LX, 302, 302C, 302L, 302LX,450, 450C, 450L, 452, 452C, 452L,552, & 552W

CLASSIC PRO CLX CLX-300L, 300La, 300LX, 302L, 302LX, 450L, 450La, 452L, & 452LX

CLASSIC PRO XP XP-302L, XP-302La,  XP-452L, & 452La

CLASSIC PRO XPD SERIES XPD-20D, 20Da, 20DLXa, 30D, 30Da, 30D, & 30DLXa

COLD WATER CW-153D, 153DLX, 203D, 203DLX, 303D, 303DLX, 303DS, 453DS, 453DS, & 553LS

CONTOURA CR-203CS, CR-303CS, CR-453CS, CR-553 & CR-603

CONVECTOR (CN) CN-15C, 15D, 15L, 20C, 20D, 20L, 30C, 30D, 30L, 30LX, 45C, 45D, 45L 55, 55L, 55S, 55SS, & 55W

CONVECTOR (CV) CV-15C, 15CS, 15D, 15L, 20C, 20CS, 20D, 20DLX, 20L, 30C, 30CS, 30D, 30DS, 30L, 45C, 45CS, 45D, 45DS, 45L, 45LS, 55, 55L, 55LS, 55S, 55SS, & 55W


MAGDA MA-15D, 15DX, 20D, 20DX, 30D, 30DX, 30DLX, 45D, & 45DX

MAGNETIX  MG-20CS, 20LS, 30CS, 30LS, 45CS, & 45LS

MAG SYSTEM MS-20CS, 20LS, 25CS, 25LS, 30CS, 25CS, 25LS, 30LS, 45CS, & 45LS

SEA RAY SR-20L, SR-30L, & 45L

STRATAMASTER SM-15D, 20D, 30D, & 45D

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